deep soaking japanese baths

Traditional western style bathtubs are typical where the bather lies down. These baths are usually shallow and long. Eastern style bath tubs are different in the fact that the bather sits up. Often referred to as ofuro in Japan , these soaking tubs are usually short and deep amking them great baths for small places.

stone forest soaking tubJapanese style bathing tubs are becoming more popular, Because the tubs are shorter in lenght and the bather sits upright providing a more pleasant spa like experience. The bather can easily cover themselves with water making for a more pleasant relaxing bathing experience.

Stone Forest makes a minimalist,sleek yet very comfortable soaking tub. Carved from a single block of black granite with an integral seat. Price:$19,750.00

Traditional Wooden ofuros or japanese soaking tubs have been largely traditiional offuro wooden tubsreplaced by acrylic and fiberglass and even stone . There is a resurgence of interest in wooden tub designs. Some manufacturers pecialiaze s in the ancient tub tradition as well

deep soaking cedar tub
deep soaking furo
deep soaking small baths
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japaneess soaking tub
japanese soaker tub

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deep soaking japanese baths

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